September 01, 2011

For Once George, I Actually Feel You...

Knocking George Lucas for fucking with Star Wars is on par with someone knocking Keanu Reeves' acting. I've always liked KR - brother held down a legit franchise. If you talk shit about Keanu, you're just an asshole riding on a wagon built by assholes. Refrain. Same thing holds true with George Lucas, though up until this point, I've had no defense for the guy. The creative choices he's made in updating his franchise have been nothing short of embarrassing. But then again, it's his franchise.

I fully expected to watch this clip, feel momentary disgust, and move swiftly on with my life. But that didn't happen. I actually...liked it. It gave me chills. Even after the thousand times I've seen Vader say nothing, after every line of this movie had been embedded into my childhood, this worked. I loved it. That's his fucking son, yo!!